10 Incredible Iran Election Crisis YouTube Videos

Mashable reports: “Thousands of Iran-related videos are being uploaded to YouTube every day, revealing first-hand accounts of the crisis to the world. “Some are incredible, some are eye-opening, and other shock you to your very core. We’ve included ten of these incredible videos, in a chronological order that helps provide context to the crisis in Iran.” Click here to watch the videos.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/representativepress Tom
  • http://www.observers/france24.com alireza amirhajebi(iran watcher)

    Submitted by iran watcher on Wed, 24/06/2009 – 11:16. New
    IRAN ELECTION-MEDIA LIMITATIONS-international urges.
    TEHRAN,JUN 24,2009- 2 days ago(22jun) members of basij attacked to “kalamete sabz”office,the only newspaper which backed Mirhosein Mousavi in tehran and arrested all of the journalists and staff.we have no info about their health conditions.police said:”this building was riots and protesters guidance center”.
    Such acts abselutly are “KIDNAP”.attack without any warning,with violence,beating and insulting.

    can we analyse these official reaction which are very untolerated?
    All the coup d,etat have similar factors:

    -Shutdown the independent media.

    -Subsituation and broadcasting the completly wrong images and info for justify their act.

    -Show gov legitimate.

    -Cut people and reformer leaders connections inorder to seperate and diperse the movement.

    -Hiding the real casualty numbers,concealing wounded statistics.

    The real informations can provoke and encourage people and increas confrontations.
    in other hand we have historical experience about confrontations gov with media.also never forget Ahmadinejad at tv debates,
    who presented huge number wrong financial info to misleading people.
    reformist newspapers disgrace him frequently.after havey pressures and strong limitations,shuting down our work,breaking our pen,new generation journalists with celphone and homevideo images undertake our task.Iran gov suddenly confront with a new phenomenon:”THOUSANDS OF AMATEUR REPORTERS.”
    So,please control them,if you can.

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  • http://www.rottengods.com Fariborz Shamshiri

    Why no one writes about Iran Election Crisis on cyberjournalist anymore? Crisis is not over yet and there are more news about this human and civil rights crisis and of course ruling class infighting.

    Please let me know If no one writes about it here, I supply info.