11 reasons The Associated Press is fighting aggregation

From The Associated Press: “The Associated Press Board of Directors announced it would undertake an initiative to affirm the value of original news reporting and protect the news industry’s content from being misappropriated online. The initiative would find new ways to enhance consumers’ ability to find authoritative news coverage online. In addition, the AP Board asked AP to examine creation of a rights-based service that would ensure content owners and publishers earn a fair return on their news investment.”

1.Why is this newsworthy?

2. What do AP and the news industry want to accomplish?

3.Why is this important?

4. What does the initiative involve?

5.What is meant by “rights-based services?”

6.What do you mean by “search pages”?

7. Is AP going to put up a “toll booth” around its content?

8 .Why not just harness the so-called “link economy” to attract the audience?

9. What does AP mean when it says it will use both legal and legislative approaches to protect its content?

10. Is AP trying to crack down on what many feel is fair use of news snippets?

11. Is this aimed at Google? At bloggers?