8 must-read tips on making Facebook posts super effective

Buddy Media has developed an invaluable guide on when and how to manage your Facebook Wall posting. The guide answers such questions as, ”What time of day is best to post?”; ”How often?”; and  ”When are fans most likely to engage?”

Among the specific tips:

  1. Keep posts short. Posts 80 characters or less have an engagement rate that’s 27 percent higher
  2. Don’t use URL shorteners. Engagement rates are 3 times higher for posts that use a full URL.
  3. Posts that end in a question have a 15% higher engagement rate
  4. Post outside business hours. Most posts are between 10 am and 4 pm. However, posts outside of those hours had engagement rates that are almost 20% percent higher.
  5. Post on Thursday and Friday. Engagement rates on those days are 18% higher than other days of the week. Sundays are also above average. This varies by industry however – read the full report for details by industry.

You can download the guide for free here.