Anderson Cooper’s new video podcast

Anderson Cooper has launched a new video podcast now available at and on iTunes. This is the first time that the network has “time shifted” a daily news program.

Anderson Cooper has launched a new video podcast now available at and on iTunes. This is the first time that the network has “time shifted” a daily news program.


‘Anderson Cooper 360º Daily’ Video Podcast Launches on

Extending its reach to millions of on-the-go news junkies and portable video player enthusiasts, “Anderson Cooper 360º Daily” launched today on The daily video podcast, available by 5 a.m. (ET) on the morning following the broadcast, highlights the top segments from the prior evening’s program.

The 20-minute “Anderson Cooper 360º Daily” includes an introduction from anchor Anderson Cooper original to the podcast, in-depth reports from multiple angles on the top news stories of the day and a selection of the program’s top segments such as “Keeping Them Honest,” investigative pieces focused on challenging authority, acknowledging whistleblowers and exposing corruption, “The Shot,” highlighting amazing video or a fantastic picture and the story behind it; and “Raw Politics,” off-the-beaten path political headlines that fuel watercooler chatter.

The “Anderson Cooper 360º Daily” is available for free at and in CNN’s dedicated space on iTunes.

Anderson Cooper 360° is an in-depth, comprehensive news program that takes a full 360-degree look at the world’s events. The program showcases CNN’s worldwide newsgathering capabilities as well as Anderson Cooper’s unique sensibilities and perspective through a diverse range of live reports and interviews. Anderson Cooper 360° airs on CNN/U.S. each weekday from 10 p.m. to midnight. (ET)

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  • Jewel Boswell Hudson

    First, I am a Black Women who belongs to 2 clubs were I am the only
    Black Women in my local chapter and both organization have over 70 member.
    Not one of these women would walk into a crowd of Black Men, the all would
    cross the street, or do what 32 of them did one day when we were on a walking
    tour, the went into the first restaurant and waited until the Young Men walked by.
    We had a talk about it when we got to the place we were going and you would
    not beleive the fear.

  • Anne O’Connor

    The main thing I would like to share of everyone especially you Anderson, Hillary Clinton did not go right out and discuss Obama’s controversy about his pastor. She was ASKED………ASKED…… ASKED….the question, and then she answered it what she thought was correct and how she felt. She has not said much in this regard, until today and it was short and simple and to the point……..SO GET OVER IT AND QUIT CUTTING HILLARY DOWN. SHE IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO ALL OF US AND YOU AS WELL AS OBAMA KNOW IT BUT JUST WILL NOT ADMIT IT…

  • Bee

    Can’t CNN move on – I had loads of respect for CNN and have been watching your cast since the campaign started over all other stations, however I am loosing respect for CNN as you join all the other negative staions and radio stations. I am tired of this Rev Wright news. Each time you speak how everyone should move on and talk about the issues, but in the same breath you go back to talking about Rev Wright yourselves . Why can’t CNN be the first to move on and be a leader of talking issues only. Does your ratings mean more to you then being a respected news cast . Do you enjoy being so low. All of you now are sounding like little kids in school who pick on the smart kids . Can’t you grow up and be adults and speak on adult information. We have issues to be discussed and rated and introduced to the people.

  • Willie

    After seven years of G. W. Bush and Richard Cheney that gave us:
    1 – A war that violates our constitution, as well as international law and the moral norms of the world community. Chose to engage the nation in torture and abstract perversions that violates the treaty of Versailles of which our nation is a signatory.
    2 – Turned the world community against our nation in ways that have never been witnessed in its history, all due the Iraqi Invasion.
    3 – Created the worst economic environment our nation has witnessed over the past fifty years that reaches into every level of business.
    4 – Their flagrant disregard and insensitivity to black citizens in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that shocked the world community, demonstrating that racism was well and kicking.

    Is there any wonder that the Reverend Wright, like a great many, not only black citizens, feel to say and often think negatively about the country they love? Senator Obama has urged the nation to look and candidly confront head-on, the racial issues which plagues it. Wiser council he could not have suggested. Our nation, thanks to the (Rich white Dutch and British merchant class, I’m speaking here of men because women at the time had not the means) who initiated slavery when landing upon the shores of what is not Manhattan., have never honestly taken up the issue. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson were both slave holders, the constitution protected and sanctioned it. Abraham Lincoln, confronting the possibility of civil war stated: “If outlawing slavery would preserve the union I’d do it, if sanctioning it would preserve it I’d do it as well.” During his campaign he openly cited the then accepted position regarding negro’s: “They were inferior to whites and should therefore be protected in their present state of being.” Even emancipation failed removing the ravages of slavery, which continued in various forms right up until the nineteen eighties. Are the words spoken in a sermon by Reverend Wright, all of which Senator Obama may, or may not, have sat through, sufficient to denigrate either man? Given the violations of our constitution by our current president and vice president, where the speaker of the house responded to questions of impeachment from several journalists by saying: “Impeachment is off the table.” If no action against either violator warrants impeachment, where both swore their oaths upon the Holy Bible, who among us should judge, and call for sanctions against either Reverend Wright or Senator Obama. Make no mistake about it, the media blitz is nothing short of a trial, all that’s left is to pass judgment and call for Senator Obama to drop out of the race. What other objective might be the desired result?

  • Sally

    Why hasn’t the Obama camp brought up McCain’s association with G. Gordon Liddy? Now here’s a REAL “domestic terrorist”! He actually spent time in prison, unlike Bill Ayers, who was never convicted! (For those of you too young to remember, G. Gordon Liddy worked for Nixon, and was one of the Watergate burglers.) He is John McCain’s REAL “plumber friend”!