AP launches multimedia project on presidential politics

The Associated Press has launched an new election-coverage project called “The Measure of a Nation,” from Ron Fournier (one of HotSoup.com’s founders) and Ted Anthony (who ran the recently deceased ASAP service).

Through the eyes of veteran AP journalists Ron Fournier and Ted Anthony, “The Measure of a Nation” will be an unusual, and frequently multimedia, user’s guide to America for people trying to make sense of all the change out there and how the landscape of their daily lives might impact their votes.

You can read the first piece here and explore the multimedia components here.

The anchor piece of the first package, “The Mythic Presidency,” is a lively, 2,600-word magazine-style mainbar that takes the reader to unexpected places to reveal the cult of the presidency in American society and examines how the myths that grew up around various chief executives inform how we will select a president in 2008.

Accompanying it are:

A five-part video mini-documentary by online producer Jaime Holguin investigating how presidential mythology _ and the expectations of the presidency _ play out in Abraham Lincoln’s longtime hometown of Springfield, Ill.

An audio slideshow depicting how images of Abraham Lincoln have evolved in the American mythos, from solemn statuary to more outlandish depictions.

Bloggy shorter pieces that illustrate the presence of the presidency in the popular culture and how the myths are made.