Guess how many people retweet content with out reading it?

16% via Social Media Today.

Does Facebook Really Need Hashtags?

We’re not looking to discover real-time content on Facebook. They clutter up the design. So why add them? Firstly, the same kind of “me too” behavior that led Facebook to rename “subscribers” — people who receive your public updates but aren’t actual friends — to “followers.” Many people post their Twitter updates to Facebook automatically, […]

Social Media may help officials identify Boston explosion perpetrators

No only did social media help citizens learn about the Boston Marathon explosions quicly, but terrorism experts said the proliferation of photos and video on the web through social media may also help authorities identify the perpetrators of the attack. “All the media provides a tremendous asset for the forensic evaluation of the explosion event,” […]

Did Vine find its purpose in the Boston Marathon explosion?

Christopher Mims, writing in Quartz, says that Vine is the perfect tool to capture the trauma of the Boston explosions, and could become the tool in the future that captures the most iconic “images” of events like this. He uses this Vine loop as his example: Boston Marathon explosion from the news — Doug_Life […]

The best social media photos from the Boston Marathon explosions

A great collection of photos from the explosions gathered by the Wall Street Journal using Storify.

Marathon Finish Line Volunteer did a Reddit IAmA shortly after the explosion

Here is the full thread. Great use of Reddit by an eyewitness.

Boston marathon: Has social media coverage finally matured?

“Compared to past breaking news events, today we saw an increased level of maturity from social media and technology-enabled reporting that may provide a glimpse of what breaking news coverage can be in the future,”  says David Holmes in PandoDaily

Google has launched a ‘Person Finder’ for Boston Marathon Explosions

Google has launched a “Person Finder” for the Boston Marathon explosions where people can enter information they have about missing people or search the user-generated database for people they are trying to find.

The hardest trick in mobile design: making the product simpler

New York-based startup Foursquare began in 2009 as a mobile application for sharing your location with friends. It still does that, but in order to grow beyond its early users, who are heavily concentrated in the United States and Indonesia, Foursquare has added a slew of new features, fashioning… . . . Read the full […]

Flipboard’s personalized magazines really take off

Looks like Flipboard’s move to give all of its users the ability to create personalized, topical magazines was brilliant. Since Flipboard did so in March, more than half a million personalized magazines have been created, and Flipboard says that over 50 percent of its users are  reading these personalized magazines daily, according to TechCrunch. Some of these […]