BBC launches 2008 Innovation Labs

The BBC Innovation Labs are “a series of creative workshops for interdisciplinary teams of professional creative technologists, application designers, software developers and interactive media designers” to help develop ideas for the BBC that may receive funding.

The BBC is inviting independent companies from across England, Scotland and Wales to pitch ideas. Up to 10 projects in each of four regions will be selected to attend a 5-day long Lab, in which they will develop their ideas and pitch them for funding.

For Journalism, the BBC is looking for companies who can address the following:

Can you identify the problems with discovering and following a breaking news story on the internet? What are the best online platforms for online breaking news (html, images, widgets/apps, mobile, AV, feeds, BBCi etc)? We need to get high quality, reliable information to our audience quickly where they are and in a way that they can effortlessly evaluate and choose to follow a story, if interested.

Can you produce a prototype that demonstrates a solution to one of the problems you have identified? Explain why the platform you have chosen is the best for breaking news and which audience it serves? Demonstrate your solution by showing how it would have improved our coverage of TWO breaking news/sports stories/events; a large scale international event such as the 7/7 bombings and a smaller story/event of limited interest.