BBC News opens multi-platform newsroom

The first stages of the BBC’s newsroom integration project are underway, with journalists from radio and television moving into the same newsroom, the Press Gazette reports.

Journalists from the BBC’s international news channel, BBC World News, and those responsible for the text-based sections of the BBC News website will be brought into the converged newsroom in the coming weeks.

When BBC Online journalists join the integrated newsroom in June, the online news operation will be split into two sections – one, covering world news, will join the BBC World News television team on the second floor of the newsroom; the second, the UK operation, will be on the first floor with newsdesks producing domestic radio and television bulletins.

“The first phase of changes is multiplatform – because you’ve now got platforms sitting alongside each other, and we’re going towards multimedia where more people are working in an interfused way,” BBC head of newsroom Peter Horrocks  said.

“But in five years’ time there will still be people who will be working in the old way because if, for example, you’re doing breaking news, it’s going to slow you down if you’re working across more than one platform.”