Blogs covering Iraq election

One of the best blogs covering the Iraq elections is Friends of Democracy, which is offering excellent “ground-level election news from the people of Iraq,” including photos and even a Webcast.

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Other blogs on news sites:
NBC’s David Shuster Baghdad Diary and Webcast
BBC journalists
BBC Iraqis’ blog

Other independent bloggers of note:
A Family in Baghdad
Iraq Dispatches from an independent journalist in Baghdad
Life in Baghdad
Citizen Burning
Report from London voting on London Kurd blog
More reports from voting in England on Kurdistan Bloggers Union
Iraq Photos blog
Lance in Iraq, a U.S. medical platoon leader serving in northern Iraq
Democracy in Iraq (is Coming)
Neurotic Iraqi Wife
A star from Mosul
Life from Baghdad
Iraqi Girl hnk’s blog
A citizen of Mosul
Free Iraqi

More good Iraq blog roundup lists:
Interactive map of Iraqi bloggers
Future of Iraq
From Jeff Jarvis on Buzzmachine
From Will Femia on
The Iraq Files
Words from Iraq

Know of others? Post them here.

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    The Election

    Back to Iraq Back to Iraq – Update 1/31/05-Election analysis: Better than expected 1/31/05-Iraq Blog Count: Iraq Election Blogs 1/31/05-The Command Post: Iraq Election Blogs 1/31/ Blogs covering Iraq election

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    Blogging the Iraqi Elections

    …The CyberJournalist blog has a comprehensive list of other blogs covering the elections and other events in Iraq.

  • E. Steadywoman

    The best Baghdad blog: BAGHDAD BURNING by a young Iraqi woman with a poet’s heart called Riverbend.

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