Can Google, Social Media pick the Oscar winners?

Lots of sites and articles are popping up attempting to use Google searches or social media trends to predict the Oscar winners. But if the past is any guide, they will be no more right than your best guess or the flip of a coin.

The Meltwater Group says social media trends would indicate The King’s Speech will win Best Picture, but it also tried using the same methods to predict the Grammy Award winners and struck out.

Last year social media was not very accurate in predicting the Oscars.

Still, Meltwater has a decent chance at being right, as The King’s Speech appears to be most critics’ pick.

Another firm, E.Life, meanwhile, also is trying to predict the winners using social media, but their methodology find that Inception is the most likely winner.

And Google has launched a site analyzing search trends, which indicate the most likely winner is Black Swan.

No one it seems has yet analyzed Facebook traffic to see which film its users would most likely predict….  The Social Network anyone?