What a $4 Million Super Bowl Ad Could Buy in Digital

TV ads during the Super Bowl cost $4 million for 30 seconds, but how far would $4 million would go in the world of digital advertising? Here’s what it would buy…

Web stories vs. newspaper reports

Jim Amoss, the longtime editor of The Times-Picayune, addresses whether the quality of the paper’s reporting will be affected by moving to a digital platform in this 60 Minutes Extra video interview. “Will journalists be judged by the amount of online traffic their stories receive?”

Who killed Newsweek?

Is the death of Newsweek another harbinger of the coming death of print? If so, why did Newsweek die this year while other similar magazines, like Time, the New Yorker  and the Economist, thrive? Tina [Brown] says that ‘every piece of the zeitgeist was against Newsweek’. That’s not quite true — the circulation of Time, […]

The New York Times Paywall Is Working Better Than Anyone Had Guessed

“More than a year and a half later, it’s clear the New York Times’ paywall is not only valuable, it’s helped turn the paper’s subscription dollars, which once might have been considered the equivalent of a generous tithing, into a significant revenue-generating business,” Bloomberg reports.

Mobile Web Use Spikes When Prime Time TV Ads Air

By now it’s not surprising that huge numbers of people use their smartphones while watching TV in primetime. But when exactly? A new study finds that “people put their phones down at the top of the hour, when new shows start. And as soon as ads come on, they pick up their gadgets again.” via […]

Celebrities and athletes drive Olympics social media chatter

Bluefin Labs has been tracking social-media response to ads running during the Olympics and found that the brands that resonated the most had a lot in common. ”With the exception of Nike,” says Bluefin’s Mike Guigli, “there is one similarity among the Top 10 gainers: They all use celebrities or popular Olympic athletes to deliver their messages. For […]

Think Web Video Can Challenge Upfronts and TV? Fuhgeddaboudit!

“Google, Microsoft and AOL are hoping that their web video offerings and NewFront presentations will help them extract a healthy slice of the TV industry’s upfront money this year. Not happening.” Simulmedia founder Dave Morgan expains why.

Make Every Ad Perform Like a Super Bowl Ad

If you are curious how social media analytics firms are helping brands, Networked Insights, a social media analytics and marketing start-up, has published a free report, tied to the Super Bowl, on how you can use  real-time social data to understand your audiences and deliver them relevant content. Using Super Bowl-related examples, the report offers ideas on […]

The future of television advertising

David Verklin, the former CEO of Aegis Media Americas, one of the five largest buyers of advertising time and space in the nation, says in this video interview that TV has moved from a device to “an experience” in the past 36 months. He believes advertisers will continue to spend a lot of dollars on […]

Net’s share of ad spending to pass newspapers in 2013

The Internet’s share of global ad spending is expected to grow in the next several years, and pass newspaper ad spending for the first time in 2013.