Olympic Torch Relay Interactive Map

Nicely done map for the Vancouver Olympics site.

Destruction in Haiti interactive

This feature from nytimes.com lets users zoom in on the images and examine up close some of the damage caused by the earthquake in Haiti. Simple but smart idea.

Interactive look at the past decade

An interactive, multimedia look at the highlights of the past decade from ABCNews.com: click and drag the ball to see the events of each year.

Real-time swine flu updates using Twitter

Check out this very cool mashup using Twitter and Google Maps. 

BBC News Radar

The BBC News Radar displays a list of recently published stories from any section of the BBC News web site. It displays both stories that have just been published for the first time and stories that have been recently updated.

ChangeTracker monitors government sites for you

“ChangeTracker is a project at ProPublica that watches three government websites — Whitehouse.gov, Recovery.gov and Financialstability.gov — for edits, deletions or changes to existing content,” MediaShift reports. “Through an RSS feed, Twitter account or daily email digest, ChangeTracker will inform you when a page changes on these sites, and show you what’s been added or […]

Passover viral videos

Great collection of Passover viral videos from The Forward, including 20 things to do with Matzoh.

Economic mood indicator from New York Times

In a new New York Times interactive feature, “How Do You Feel About the Economy?,” readers can enter the word that best describes your current mood and follow the most popular choices from readers of NYTimes.com.

Map the Texas wildflowers

Neat user-generated interactive map and database from Chron.com

Election 08 Results by District

Very detailed interactive map shows presidential results by Congressional District.