Yahoo! Crowdsources the American Unemployment Crisis

Yahoo! News took an interesting approach to telling the story of unemployment in America, using a specially-created Tumblr blog to crowdsource and publish stories.

Steve Jobs’ on death: ‘The single best invention’

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who passed away tonight, once described death as “the single best invention of life.” Why? He said that’s because death “is life’s change agent.  It clears out the old to make way for the new.” Amazing words from one of the greatest change agents of our time. He shared those words […]

Slate launches new social features, replaces ‘B-52 bomber of software’

Slate has launched a new publishing system, and with it a series of new features, including a new “social stream” that highlights the stories that readers are most interested in at the moment. This is also noteworthy because Slate, one of the earliest web content sites, had been working all these years on a content […]

Wall Street Journal launches Facebook social news app

Discovering and reading the news is now an inherently social experience, and more and more people are getting their news directly through their friends via social media. The Wall Street Journal has launched a new social news sharing application on Facebook that attempts to take advantage of this and do so in a few creative ways.

‘The world’s first fully augmented reality newspaper’

Augmented reality app Blippar is partnering with Dublin newspaper Metro Herald and local TV show FYI to launch what it’s calling “the world’s first fully augmented reality newspaper”.

Innovative journalism on Tumblr

Tumblr is a great tool for news curation. ShortFormBlog, which curates about 30 news stories a day using visual storytelling, is one example being done particularly well.

Steve Jobs on innovation

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who announced today he is stepping down as CEO, will go down as one of the most innovative CEOs in history. Here are some quotes from him over the years about innovation, design and technology.

‘World’s first location-aware digital newspaper’

The Bay Area News Group released an innovative new iPad app, TapIn Bay Area, that it calls “the world’s first location-aware digital newspaper.” Users can easily navigate via a map to get nearby news, events and listings, or the app will do it for you based on your location. “Imagine cutting up your newspaper into […]

Hanging Out with Sergey Brin on Google+

The smartest, most compelling feature on Google+ might be the video chat “Hangouts.” I popped in my first one yesterday and Google co-founder Sergey Brin was one of the other 9 folks in the room. He was asking about what folks thought of the service so far and wanted to try it out for himself. […]

Same-sex marriage reaction on Twitter – versus traditional media

Watching the news of the same-sex marriage victory spread across Twitter this weekend, especially the real-time reaction from the West Village, it was hard not to be emotionally moved by the events. The experience illuminated how learning the news live through Twitter — via first-person sources — is such a different, and in may ways more immersive, experience […]