The hardest trick in mobile design: making the product simpler

New York-based startup Foursquare began in 2009 as a mobile application for sharing your location with friends. It still does that, but in order to grow beyond its early users, who are heavily concentrated in the United States and Indonesia, Foursquare has added a slew of new features, fashioning… . . . Read the full […]

Flipboard’s personalized magazines really take off

Looks like Flipboard’s move to give all of its users the ability to create personalized, topical magazines was brilliant. Since Flipboard did so in March, more than half a million personalized magazines have been created, and Flipboard says that over 50 percent of its users are  reading these personalized magazines daily, according to TechCrunch. Some of these […]

The smartphone is the primary screen for teens

One in four teenagers are “cell-mostly” internet users, who say they mostly go online using their phone, challenging marketers’ assumption that the mobile is consumers’ “second screen,” reports The Brand Republic.

Here’s Why The “Second Screen” Industry Is Set To Explode

A recent report from BI Intelligence  examines how second screen apps, social networks, and mobile sites will ultimately succeed in drawing significant audiences and advertising dollars…

Reactor Labs Launches Winston News Reader App

We get our news from a lot of places these days — TV, newspapers, the Web, mobile apps, social networks. Having these multiple resources is certainly nice, but it can also be time-consuming trying to check them all in order to get the news that’s most important to you. To help simplify the process, . […]

2013: The Year Mobile Devices Take Over The World

What's the Latest Development? A new report out from Cisco states that before the end of this year the number of Internet-enabled smartphones and tablets in use will exceed the number of people on Earth, and that more machine-to-machine (M2M) systems will exist that use the Internet to …Read More . . . Read the […]

Mobile phones are killing supermarket magazine sales

iPad app downloads grow 8X when developers drop the price

“Mobile analytics firm Distimo says there is one easy way iPhone and iPad developers can boost download figures– by dropping the price of their application.” via TabTimes.

Digital Media Must Reads for December 11th

Here are today’s must-read digital news stories from around the web: ReadWrite – Shock And Awe: Apple Legend Guy Kawasaki Has Become A Hardcore Android Fan Pew: Men, highly educated are more engaged with news on mobile devices | Poynter. Bloomberg Weighs Making a Run for Financial Times – Toronto Sun misspells ‘correction’ in […]

Mobile Web Use Spikes When Prime Time TV Ads Air

By now it’s not surprising that huge numbers of people use their smartphones while watching TV in primetime. But when exactly? A new study finds that “people put their phones down at the top of the hour, when new shows start. And as soon as ads come on, they pick up their gadgets again.” via […]