Did Vine find its purpose in the Boston Marathon explosion?

Christopher Mims, writing in Quartz, says that Vine is the perfect tool to capture the trauma of the Boston explosions, and could become the tool in the future that captures the most iconic “images” of events like this. He uses this Vine loop as his example: Boston Marathon explosion from the news vine.co/v/bFdt5uwg6JZ — Doug_Life […]

Google has launched a ‘Person Finder’ for Boston Marathon Explosions

Google has launched a “Person Finder” for the Boston Marathon explosions where people can enter information they have about missing people or search the user-generated database for people they are trying to find.

The hardest trick in mobile design: making the product simpler

New York-based startup Foursquare began in 2009 as a mobile application for sharing your location with friends. It still does that, but in order to grow beyond its early users, who are heavily concentrated in the United States and Indonesia, Foursquare has added a slew of new features, fashioning… . . . Read the full […]

How social media ruined the media

via The Joy of Tech

Why BuzzFeed’s attempt to reinvent online advertising is a lot harder than it looks

BuzzFeed has become the poster child for what some call sponsored content or “native advertising,” but despite the skills of founder Jonah Peretti, the secret to making ads go viral is not quite as simple as it appears to be. via paidContent.

Is LinkedIn the New Facebook? |

When was the last time you added a new friend on Facebook? I still go to Facebook every day to browse links and baby pictures, but like many people I know, I am not adding many new friends.  The problem is that my personal information on the site has built up over the past few […]

Design isn’t just for the big guys: In Memphis, the Commercial Appeal retells MLK’s last 32 hours » Nieman Journalism Lab

It’s been 45 years since Martin Luther King, Jr.’s murder was on the front pages of newspapers around the country. For The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, the story was a local one; King was assassinated while visiting the city to lend his support to the city’s sanitation workers who were on strike t . . […]

Twitter Promoted Trends Tracked for One Month – $5.4 Million – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD

Twitter has been building up its ad business for three years, but early on it figured out that it had a hit with “Promoted Trends.” That’s the ad unit that lets a brand occupy the top spot on Twitter’s “Trends” list for a day; Twitter recently started asking $200,000 a day for the privilege. In… […]

How journalists can measure engagement | Poynter.

Most journalists now understand they need to engage with audiences, whether online or in person. But it’s still not clear how news organizations can measure whether their attempts at engagement are paying off. “Engagement isn’t just Twitter, Facebook or social … Read more . . . Read the full story…

Aereo Has TV Networks Circling the Wagons – NYTimes.com

Now that TV networks have tasted subscription fees, they aren’t willing, or able, they say, to go back to the old model of advertising alone. . . . Read the full story…