Video: Siri finds out Steve Jobs died

Steve Jobs on innovation

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who announced today he is stepping down as CEO, will go down as one of the most innovative CEOs in history. Here are some quotes from him over the years about innovation, design and technology.

Did you know that LinkedIn can be a huge traffic source?

Most media sites are obsessively focused on how to get more traffic from Facebook and Twitter, but few pay attention to LinkedIn. Big mistake. It is one of the fastest growing social networking sites with deep user loyalty and engagement, and is quickly becoming a big potential traffic source, especially to news and information sites.

How Drudge drives more traffic to news sites than Facebook

It’s surprising to many that Matt Drudge’s site,, drives more traffic to news sites than any other web property besides Google. That’s right, even with the growth of Twitter and Facebook, his simple site still drives more than they do to major news sites, and as a result, he helps set the news agenda. […]

12 great tips for digital media startups (from Startup 2011)

Silicon Alley Insider’s Startup 2011 conference this week covered all the hot topics in entrepreneurship, from pivots to bubble talk, and left a pretty positive vibe about the New York startup community, capped by NYC Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne telling Silicon Valley to “Bring it on!” Here are 12 of the best tips and […]

What media sites can learn from the airline industry

What if media organizations could upsell their audience on a better customer experience, the same way airlines charge more for Business class? Oliver Reichenstein, from the design agency Information Architects, proposes that news sites should do just that, rather than focus primarily on pay walls and charging for information. In other words, what he means is that […]

Why and how The Daily needs to be more ALIVE and real-time

While The Daily has improved some of the technological issues that plagued it early on, CBS MarketWatch founder Larry Kramer says it still has a ways to go to truly take advantage of the medium. He’d like to see “more interactive and video content, in real-time, bringing the story to life with every form of […]

Interview with Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Mark Fiore

Animated cartoonist Mark Fiore was just named the Pulitzer Prize winner for editorial cartooning. interviewed Fiore back in 2002, shortly after he won the Online Journalism Award for commentary. In this Q&A with’s Jonathan Dube, Fiore explains why “technology doesn’t make the cartoon” and that the key to making an animated cartoon effective […]

Why the iPad could be bad for publishers

IAB’s Randall Rothenberg argues that the iPad could be bad for publishers because the proliferation of device-based walled gardens risks fragmenting audiences and “a company’s opportunity to create, sell and use advertising effectively and profitably will depend on its ability to deliver it seamlessly across multiple devices.”

Michael Kinsley: Newspapers are failing because articles are too long

In an 1,800-word article for The Atlantic, Michael Kinsley says “one reason seekers of news are abandoning print newspapers for the Internet has nothing directly to do with technology. It’s that newspaper articles are too long. On the Internet, news articles get to the point.”