12 great tips for digital media startups (from Startup 2011)

Silicon Alley Insider’s Startup 2011 conference this week covered all the hot topics in entrepreneurship, from pivots to bubble talk, and left a pretty positive vibe about the New York startup community, capped by NYC Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne telling Silicon Valley to “Bring it on!” Here are 12 of the best tips and […]

Interview with Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Mark Fiore

Animated cartoonist Mark Fiore was just named the Pulitzer Prize winner for editorial cartooning. CyberJournalist.net interviewed Fiore back in 2002, shortly after he won the Online Journalism Award for commentary. In this Q&A with CyberJournalist.net’s Jonathan Dube, Fiore explains why “technology doesn’t make the cartoon” and that the key to making an animated cartoon effective […]

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Can Kindle save newspapers?

This post was submitted by Chris Delboni. I had been waiting for a long time for Kindle 2.0, just released last week. I was curious about the first edition of the Amazon.com digital book reader but wasn’t ready to buy it. This time, I couldn’t wait and had it shipped for next day delivery as […]

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Lessons From One Year of Blogging

Guest Post by Craig Stolz (Contribute your post to CyberJournalist.net here) One year ago I launched this blog with a notion but no clue. The notion was that I wanted to make sense of the baffling, bad but somehow occasionally powerful stuff that was emerging under the aegis “Web 2.0.” [It has lately been usefully […]

CyberJournalist.net redesigns

Welcome to the new and improved CyberJournalist.net!

The site has been given a complete overhaul. Among the improvements you’ll find are a cleaner design and simpler navigation, and new features.

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