Goodnight iPad: a Parody for the next generation

This clever new book is a parody of “Goodnight Moon” for the tech generation. Watch a narrated version of the story below, and click here to learn more about it or buy “Goodnight iPad: a Parody for the next generation”

Recommended reading for Future Journalists

The Columbia Journalism Review asked journalists, scholars, and critics to recommend books for the next generation of journalists. Here is an edited list of the titles they suggested. For full lists from each recommender, click here.

Wired, Fortune publish Steve Jobs ebooks

Wired and Fortune moved quickly to publish Steve Jobs’ ebooks following his death. What’s surprising is more publishing companies did not do so. Every magazine and newspaper company these days should be thinking like this.

Free copy of ‘News, Improved’

The Vanishing Newspaper

Journalism = Community = Democracy

The Internet is creating unprecedented levels of interaction between citizens and journalists — from blogs to forums — even to the point of citizens becoming journalists. This is a fantastic development for the future of journalism and democracy. But there are still skeptics out there. To all those who doubt the importance of interacting with […]

Fear and loathing online: Gonzo goes from Web to print

‘We the Media’: A must-read

Slate’s Bushisms and Kerryisms

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