Celebrities and athletes drive Olympics social media chatter

Bluefin Labs has been tracking social-media response to ads running during the Olympics and found that the brands that resonated the most had a lot in common. ”With the exception of Nike,” says Bluefin’s Mike Guigli, “there is one similarity among the Top 10 gainers: They all use celebrities or popular Olympic athletes to deliver their messages. For […]

Lost Remote acquired by WebMediaBrands

Lost Remote, a great blog covering social TV, has been acquired by WebMediaBrands, the parent company of Mediabistro. The site will be incorporated into the overall business and continue to cover Social TV. A big congrats to the team and founder, Cory Bergman. Cory and I started our blogs around the same time, about 12 years ago, as two […]

‘Twitter is building a media business using other people’s content’

“Is Twitter a friend and helper to media companies, or a growing rival for both attention and ad dollars? Is it more focused on sending users away or on keeping them inside its walled garden?” GigaOm’s Matt Ingram says:  “Those are the questions that anyone interested in Twitter’s future — either as a service or as […]

WSJ uses Facebook to cover Facebook IPO

In a really clever use of Facebook Pages, the Wall Street Journal has created a Facebook Page to use to cover and promote the WSJ’s coverage of the upcoming Facebook IPO.

Why smartphones are the future of social networking

In case you have any doubts that the future of social networking is mobile, a new report from comScore shows that both Facebook and Twitter users spend more time using those networks on mobile devices than they do on traditional computer or laptops.  Read the full story at Forbes.

How the Associated Press uses Twitter & Facebook

The Associated Press uses social media both to gather and disseminating information, approaching each social network differently.  “Part of what we’re doing is sharing content in a curated way,” Eric Carvin, the AP’s social media editor, tells DigiDay. “It helps as news gathering; if we’re looking to find someone who has amateur video, we put […]

Madame Bovary, the Iliad… and now Buzzfeed: ‘Great literature’ redefined

The social news site Buzzfeed, which is best known for lol-type humor, has been rapidly moving into the news space with some big name hires like Politico’s Ben Smith — but even fans might be surprised to hear The New Yorker call it “great literature” and compare it to the works of Homer and Tolstoy. New Yorker […]

Wisdom from Instagram’s ‘must-follow’ photographer

In his year and a half on Instagram, Richard Koci Hernandez has carved out a niche as a must-follow street photographer, accruing more than 100,000 followers. Slate’s Heather Murphy interviewed him and interspersed his reflections here with a selection of his “yawnographs” — his term for photographs taken so subtly he actually reaches out one arm and yawns […]

Forbes: Why The Shorty Awards Matter

The Shorty Awards, which announce there winners tonight, honor the best short-form content published across social media. Too often we forget that, behind the deluge of links flooding our social media streams, a new art form is being created. Read the full story about Why The Shorty Awards Matter at Forbes.

The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2012

TIME has picked pick the 140 Twitter feeds that it believes are shaping the online conversation in 2012 so far. Read the full list here.