Facebook tips for journalists, from Facebook

Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook’s new journalism program coordinator, has starting talking to journalists publicly about how they can better use Facebook. At Columbia’s recent Social Media Weekend, he gave a presentation in which he offered some interesting facts and tips. The presentation is included below. Here are some of the highlights.

What can journalism learn from I Can Has Cheezburger?

Scott Porad, who is part of the team behind I Can Has Cheezburger? and the Cheezburger Network, says journalism can learn from I Can Has Cheezburger? “There are probably many lessons, but one that stands out to me is a fundamental shift in the concept of reporting from ‘sourcing’ toward ‘filtering,’” he says.

How to Use Your iPhone When Reporting

WFOR-TV News Director Adrienne Roark created quite a buzz a couple of weeks ago when he shot an entire story using the new iPhone. Poynter’s Al Tompkins chatted with Roark and Investigative Producer Giovani Benitez today to learn how to use an iPhone when reporting.

YouTube launches Reporters’ Center

YouTube today launched a new resource to help people learn more about how to report the news today, called The YouTube Reporters’ Center.

Why news organizations can police comments and not get sued

In this video and transcript, David Ardia, the director of the Citizen Media Law Project at Harvard and the former assistant counsel for The Washington Post, explains Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and how it provides wide-ranging immunity to website publishers for what goes on in their comments.

Add quote Bubbles to any video

Add Bubbles to any video with BubblePLY – and post it anywhere you wish!

Seven Myths of Innovation

Krisztine “Z” Holly, Vice Provost for Innovation and Executive Director of the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation, introduced “Seven Myths of Innovation” to newspaper editors at the Knight Leadership Conference this week.

Lessons From One Year of Blogging

Guest Post by Craig Stolz (Contribute your post to CyberJournalist.net here) One year ago I launched this blog with a notion but no clue. The notion was that I wanted to make sense of the baffling, bad but somehow occasionally powerful stuff that was emerging under the aegis “Web 2.0.” [It has lately been usefully […]

New ways to detect doctored photos

PBS reports on a “digital detective” inventing new ways to tell if photos have been faked. Watch the video of the story and then take the test: Examine nine photographs and guess if they are fake or real.

Seven Traits of Highly Effective Community Managers

Tish Grier says community managers “should understand people well and be good at creating and maintaining relationships and ability to create relationships, regardless of which tools are available.”