5 Websites to Check Out Latest Buzz and Viral Videos

From MakeUseOf.com: Buzzfeed.com, Viral Video Chart, popurls.com, alltop.com, and Wikirage.com

How to Use Your iPhone When Reporting

WFOR-TV News Director Adrienne Roark created quite a buzz a couple of weeks ago when he shot an entire story using the new iPhone. Poynter’s Al Tompkins chatted with Roark and Investigative Producer Giovani Benitez today to learn how to use an iPhone when reporting.

The 9 secrets of great headline writing

Only 2 out of 10 people will read past the headline, according to CopyBlogger. Here are 9 fantastic tips for writing great headlines — including why 7 reasons why list posts will always work!

How to post comments on Google News

This video explains how to post comments on Google News.

Is Wikipedia in the Newsroom?

While the line “according to Wikipedia” pops up occasionally in news stories, it’s relatively rare to see the user-created online encyclopedia cited as a source. But some journalists find it very valuable as a road map to troves of valuable information.

Tracking web buzz

In net age, writers need to get to the point

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