Why the future of video is in the “long tail”

Is the future of online video viewing on major sites like YouTube and Hulu, or in the “long tail” of millions of smaller websites? While there were about 40 billion online video views in the US last month, only about 42% of those were on major sites. And Greycroft’s Ian Sigalow argues “the long tail […]

Lost Remote acquired by WebMediaBrands

Lost Remote, a great blog covering social TV, has been acquired by WebMediaBrands, the parent company of Mediabistro. The site will be incorporated into the overall business and continue to cover Social TV. A big congrats to the team and founder, Cory Bergman. Cory and I started our blogs around the same time, about 12 years ago, as two […]

Is online journalism shifting from text to video?

Right now, the bulk of online journalism is text-based. MediaShift’s Mark Hannah wonders whether we are starting to see the shift toward a more television-like experience for online journalism, as print publications beef up their video offerings.

The economics behind one of YouTube’s most successful creators

Maker Studios is one of YouTube’s biggest and most-successful content creators, with more than 160 full-time staff. When YouTube started dishing out $100 million last year for new channels, as part of an effort to generate more than 25 original hours of programming, Maker “won” three of those new channels. The reason YouTube is investing […]

Game consoles rising fast as connected-TV platforms

The 2011 edition of Deloitte http://www.deloitte.com/ and Harrison Group’s “Changing the Game: State of the Media Democracy” report shows usage of video game consoles as TV viewing devices rising at a rapid pace, eMarketer reports.

Highlights from the Social TV Summit

SnappyTV, one of the companies presenting at this week’s Social TV Summit, used their technology in real-time to pull together this excellent collection of highlight video clips from the summit.

Social TV Summit: Watch Live

The future of social TV is being discussed among executives from networks, major social media companies and start-ups at the Social Media Summit in New York. You can watch the live stream of the summit here all day today. POST-SUMMIT UPDATE: You can watch the archived live stream at the same link   

Great features in CNBC’s new video player

CNBC.com has launched a new video player that has number of great features, including full transcripts that let you jump to and share exactly the part of the clip you are interested in.

60% of Americans Use TV and Internet Together

Nielsen reports that in the last quarter of 2009, simultaneous use of the Internet while watching TV reached three and a half hours a month, up 35% from the previous quarter. Nearly 60% of TV viewers now use the Internet once a month while also watching TV.

USA Today to stream live show using Mogulus

Mike Snider, Entertainment reporter from USA TODAY ’s gaming blog Game Hunters, will host a live show today live from the Game Deveopers Conference showfloor in San Francisco today, starting at 4:45 pm PT on the Mogulus Pro channel usatoday_gdc. The broadcast will cover the latest and hottest news in the world of computer gaming […]