Center for Public Integrity launches investigative blog

The Center for Public Integrityhas launched a new investigative blog, PaperTrail.

A Center-wide effort, PaperTrail will be the hard-hitting, investigative blog that Washington is missing. Our blog will build on the Center’s 19-year history of investigative journalism and more than 400 investigations, ranging from the Bush administration’s 935 false statements leading to the Iraq war to the Clinton White House’s selling of the Lincoln bedroom.

The Center has conducted investigations into many topics; the environment, public health, public accountability, federal and state lobbying, war profiteering, and financial disclosure, all of which have a public integrity component.

So far in PaperTrail, we’ve:

Examined the donor tendencies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — both through their PACs and their top officers. Their main squeeze may come as a surprise.

  • Marie

    Thank you for journalism

    I feel part of the struggle of this country is the fact that companies such as the following have been able to do whatever they have wanted without answering to the government and something needs to be done. . If possible please investigate mortgage companies like Beneficial Mortgage HSBC Financial nationally and of Georgia. If you Google you will see some of the complaints. ASAP-Give each individual the right to have their current loans reviewed by a task force. For there has been some illegal business practices taking place I feel. If possible put a freeze on actions these companies can take if you see a pattern until items are reviewed.

    A change has to be made.