Citizen media site sued for libel

Chris Grotke and Lise LePage, co-founders and owners of, a widely acclaimed citizen journalism site based in Brattleboro, Vermont, were sued on November 16 for libel based on a comment submitted by one of the site’s users, the Citizen Media Law Project reports.

The lawsuit, brought by Effie Mayhew, alleges that David Dunn, the former executive director of Rescue Inc., an emergency medical services organization where Mayhew works as a volunteer, libeled her in a comment on the site.

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  • Yaaawwnnn

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  • Tracey Richter


    I have been trying to reach this “yaaawwnn” person. If anyone knows who they really are, feel free to contact me at traceyrichter (at) gmail dot com

    She/He posts on numerous sites as “Yasmin” “YA” and “yaaawwnn” to tout this entity. Is this a real person or just someone posting to get their company name indexed and appear to have instant credibility?

    Two prinicipals of that company denied owning or even knowing anything about that entity. Odd. When I contacted the company with my concerns to ask questions, they took down their site immediately.

    Any information in regard to any REAL clients or experience this enitity has/had is appreciated.

  • Dr. Barbara Levine Bartlett

    Great tips, thank you.

  • Curious

    This post is quite curious, I followed the links referenced by Yaawn and Richter for want of anything better to do. It appears that the latter may actually be the catalyst for the creation of the business referenced, he tone of her porting supports the idea. It would make an interesting book maybe?

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