CNN ‘Unedited. Unfiltered. News.’

CNN has launched its site as a “beta,” inviting anyone to send in photos, video, stories and more, creating instantly one of the biggest sites online for “unfiltered, uncensored user-powered news.”

A few things worth noting:

  • The content on the site is not pre-moderated (though some screening of content after posting may be done)
  • The site isn’t co-branded with CNN (though there are references to CNN) and isn’t even promoted on yet — a clear effort to seperate the CNN brand from the unmoderated content on
  • The site includes standard user-genrated features, such as rating contributions, search by subject or submitter, sort by most popular, etc
  • The majority of iReports are on this site — about 90,000 — while CNN has only used about 900 of those on air or on

The site says:

The views and content on this site are solely those of the contributors. CNN makes no guarantees about the content or the coverage on!

Lots of people argue about what constitutes news. But, really, it’s just something that happens someplace to someone. Whether that something is newsworthy mostly depends on who it affects — and who’s making the decision. On, that is you! So we’ve this site and equipped it with some nifty tools for posting, discovering and talking about what you think makes the cut.

Use the tools you find here to share and talk about the news of your world, whether that’s video and photos of the events of your life, or your own take on what’s making international headlines. Or, even better, a little bit of both.


How is this site different from the iReport page on
The iReports you see here on come straight from iReporters, and they appear on the site the moment they’re uploaded. The iReports you see on are selected and vetted by CNN before they are used on CNN’s platforms.

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  • Hunan Wu

    NEWS BREAK!9:57AMMar 6th 2008
    Well, I was going to vote for Hillary Clinton UNTIL I found out that she did legal work for James McDougal who owned a savings and loan association that failed at the taxpayers expense. Go and read it for yourself
    I would think twice before I vote those Clintons back into office. Seven poor White House travel office clerks lost their jobs in 1993 because of the investigation of the Clintons, which later became known as the “Whitewater” investigation. Did you know that Vincent Foster committed suicide, a former law partner to Hillary Clinton and then White House counsel to her husband then President Bill Clinton. But WHY? He was being questioned about filings he did on the delinquent Whitewater Corp. tax returns. Since she wants to also benefit from her husband’s reputation as President. Did you forget how he disgraced our White House and the most professional office in the land, the Oval Office, along with Monica Lewinsky? He lied then and he probably lied during the Whitewater proceedings along with Hillary Clinton. No, it would be a big mistake to put the Clintons back into office, she was there eight years and spent most of her time not answering the phone at 3:00 am in the morning, but fighting women off of Billy and probably lying about her fraudulent dealings with the $300,000 fraudulent loan to Susan McDougal, which David Hale went on record saying that he felt that then Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton pressured him into issuing.

  • elme

    ERRONEOUS Mis-Information about “RACE” is routinely provided to the public:

    RE: The Reverend Wright

    First, let’s get REAL about “race”.

    From a college textbook: There’s no such thing. There’s only ONE race. The human race.

    If that was not so humans of different “races” could not produce progeny.

    People can have as little as 13% genes of African origin and still look “black”
    People can have as much as 47% genes of African origin and still look “white”

    From an AP newswire article in the newspaper more than 20 years ago: More than 87% of Americans have black ancestors.

    From the internet last year: Article and pictures of identical twin baby girls born in France. Identical, except that one twin had brown skin, eyes, and hair and appeared to be a black baby, while the other twin had white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair and appeared to be a white baby.

    (I don’t recall the source of this information): After the civil war there were whole towns full of “black” people who appeared to be “white. These towns sprang up because the black people would
    not let them live in their town because they looked white. The white people would not let them live in their town because they knew firsthand the white-appearing people had recent black ancestors.

    Over time the white appearing “black” people in these towns moved away and passed as white & the “white/”black” towns gradually disappeared.

    That did not take hundreds of years. That fact is evident in the population today. I know people who have one parent who looks all white with their other parent appearing to be black, and, they appear to be all white; you can’t tell by looking.

    RE: Wright. The Reverend Wright is Nearly White. Unconincidetally, not connectedly- he is also Nearly Right. I saw his whole speech (on TV) at the NAACP. He is obviously brilliant, a far more inspiring
    speaker than Obama, a natural teacher/ preacher. His speech was at many times spellbinding because of his breathtaking virtuosity in speech, language, sound, music, and learning styles. In that realm of his genius Wright is unparalled, phenomenal.

    I began writing this after seeing Wright on CNN saying: Louis Farakkhan is not my enemy. Farakkhan did not put me in chains. Farakkhan did not enslave me. By implication, the Rev. Wright thereby NAMES
    “white” people his Enemy/(THE Enemy of Black people). (Problem with that is: most of those “white” people are “black” … many of them with more genes of African Ancestry than he has …. regardlless of their looks.”

    Problem with Reverend Wright (& Obama) is: They have not TRANSCENDED “race”; they continue to harbor hateful feelings toward “whites”; they do not even know the REALITY of “race” as I have stated it here; are still operating emotionally on the basis of …. prejudice … based on skin color; still operating on the OLD INGNORANT

    Their problem is not intellectual, its emotional. The emotional mis-perceptions / mis-information they are both
    operating on are the cause of the — division on the basis of race — currently being experienced by all of us
    during this presidential campaign. The source of that division is Obama and Wright’s prejudice on the basis
    of race.

    The solution is to so publicize the REAL truth and the REAL History of “race” :
    a. There’s no such thing.
    and the REAL HISTORY of “race” in America: b. Most Americans have black ancestors.
    c. Movies based on the REAL History, Real Story, of the rise and decline of the “white/”black” towns in the border states.

    Currently, the radical-Left, and the radical-right, are both making use of Obama & the Reverend Wright’s prejudices/ emotional problems … to stir up trouble for all Americans…. by using the IGNORANCE/prejudices/emotional problems of SOME “members” of TWO “races” (that Do NOT EXIST in America) … to create inter-racial STRIFE …. based on skin COLOR.
    (Shades of the star-bellied sneeches … just as stupid … just as EASILY AVOIDABLE by GETTING the TRUTH OUT.)

    p.s. Sorry Obama & Wright, et al on the LEFT, and RUSH, Hannity, et al on the RIGHT …I think your’re about a generation too late to stir up all the hate-speech and riots you’re trying to create. Integration succeeded. Too many “black” citizens have “white” grandchildren & too many
    “white” citizens have “black” grandchildren.

    p.p.s. This time I have made 3 attemps to SEND this on your “send us a tip” FORM … but hitting the SUBMIT button results in the: you are not authorized to view this page … page. IReport upload always results in: failed to
    open page…page. I have experienced the SAME for the past several MONTHS.

    On this attempt I am using the ContactUs/CNN TV FORM.

    …. that didn’t work either.

  • Yvonne

    I thought Palin’s speech was terrible – after 5 mins of her shrilling voice, made me turn the channel – she offered nothing but being so arrogant about her opponent – she is a cry baby about people talking about her when she is beyond ignorant herself – shame on her, she chooses career over her family.. she offered nothing but slamming… I vote for who offers what and not who is the bigger slammer…go Obama goooo…

  • kole

    all i can say… God will bless those who bless His people and curse who cursed His comment is simple, if they want the Israel to stop the war all they have to do is stop fighting against Israel..its in the Bible… they cannot destroy Israel..its God’s chosen nation from father Abraham they cannot twist the truth..

  • Shirley

    I am concerned about the tactics used by the banks to help troubled mortgage holders. I have Chase Home FInance and I am three month behind, I asked Chase to refinance from a 20 yr. to a 30 yr. morgage to lower my payments. I am a single parent and have been on my job for 18 yrs., they told me I could not refinace because my credit score had to be at least 580, I went to talk to a local bank lender, I was informed that the banks are raising the credit score to 680 to qualify for refinance. My question is if you are struggling to pay your bills and mortgages, naturally your credit score is going to decline due to slow pay, wasn’t this stimulas package aimed to help people in my situation, I have a job, but I was directed to the foreclousue department, when I am actually not in foreclosure YET! The banks seem to secretly and conveniently make it harder for us to do better, even with the help they received for the government. What’s your advice?

  • kathy lumley

    there are people who need to file bankrupcy in order to keep there homes. yes i am one of them . it is expensive and a lot of red tape. there are also these rules that are ridiculas . obama said he was changing the bankrupcy . when and why is he dragging his feet. people need help now. i dont see any thing else helping people righrt now. in are state just last week 489 people were laid off from catapillar . we need something now . its for sure there is no bail out for us.

  • Arny Boyance

    The one captured pirate in US Navy custody should be sent directly to Guantanimo to be held as long as it remains open. This I think, given its reputation would be a good deterrent to all pirates who harm and disturb maritime activities; ( pleasure yachts or shipping & commerce).

  • http://nowebsite Nina Richner for Donald william Schiller

    My dad is this man Donald William Schiller who in ww11 was also a major war hero who landed on Tarowa and saved his entire platoon by carrying to shore all the radio equipment he was on the cover of the leatherneck marine magazine February 1945. He was nominated for the navy cross and his whole lifetime he fought to recieve it but they gave it to his commander insteard. They gave my dad the silver star but he has always been very upset and sad that he did not get the recognition he definitely deserved. He lives in Apple Valley, CA. and his phone number is 1760-242-3591. He is like your uncle lenny. Alive and ornory as ever. I would love to see my dad finally get what he deserved the navy cross. Is there any way you at cnn whom i watch faithfully everyday including my weekends could reach the right people and help him? Please let me know I don’t have an email address but my name is Nina Richner and My pelephone number is 818-448-0581. I live in Woodland Hills, CA. Thank you in advance for doing this story its bothered me forever that dad is still sad about the war and the award he did not recieve. Sincerely and forever your devouted fan, Nina Robin Richner

  • http://nowebsite Nina Richner for Donald william Schiller

    Sorry I didn’t do a spell check. I hope you know what words I was trying to say. Nina Richner

  • http://nowebsite Nina Richner for Donald william Schiller

    Dear Kira, Donald William Schillers dog tag number is 288294. Thanks again, Nina Richner

  • Donna J. Shavela-Reeves

    Hello CNN,

    I have been watching the coverage on your station from Wetaskiwin, AB Canada, and it moves me to tears, just watching the Iran unrest; the courage of the people trying to gain their rights as citizens and be free people.

    God give them the courage to persevere, we pray.

    Donna and George Reeves

  • Jenny

    You wanted to know. I’m caucasion and a woman. Profiling occurs all the time. I’m a woman. Not right but it’s real. Short and sweet comment I hope.