Dallas News: Help us examine lost JFK files

The Dallas Morning News is asking readers to help it examine newly released documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“We’re trying a little something different,” Deputy Managing Editor/Interactive for The Dallas Morning News, tells CyberJournalist.net. “We received so many pages of JFK documents as part of our coverage of the ‘trove’ of documents discovered in the DA’s office, that we’re asking the audience to help us sleuth them. We’re putting together a story for Sunday on some of what we’ve learned about them, but there is so much we figured we’d let the amateur sleuths help us.”

Says the paper on its site:

The documents appear here exactly as they were received by The News . They are neither cataloged nor indexed, and they are in no apparent order.

Given the volume, we haven’t been able to review most of the files. That’s why were calling on you. Here’s your chance to review never-seen-before materials related to the JFK assassination.