Facebook tips for journalists, from Facebook

Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook’s new journalism program coordinator, has starting talking to journalists publicly about how they can better use Facebook. At Columbia’s recent Social Media Weekend, he gave a presentation in which he offered some interesting facts and tips. The presentation is included below. Here are some of the highlights.

  • He calls Facebook a “Newspaper of the People” and says that news was meant to be social
  • He points out that Facebook posts are 420 characters, as compared to 140 for Twitter, which he believes makes them better for storytelling. He points to The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristoff as a great example
  • Based on an analysis of the top news pages on Facebook, he says, the content that gets the best reaction on Facebook includes touching and emotional stories, provocative/passionate debates, sports, and easy questions to the user.
  • The average user has 130 friends and spends 25 minutes a day on Facebook. 50 percent of users return daily.
  • The average media organization saw a 300% increase in Facebook referrals last year
  • Users who sign into media sites using Facebook have much higher engagement (page views, time spent, etc)