Flipboard CEO: The future of the web will look more like print!

It’s interesting and a bit surprising to hear the CEO of one of the more innovative iPad reading apps, Flipboard, say the Web will evolve toward being more similar, rather than less similar, to print. “The web will feel a lot different in 5 years. It will feel a lot like print and be monetized differently than it is currently,” Flipboard CEO Mike McCue is on stage at Techcrunch Disrupt conference, according to The Next Web.

Here are a few other interesting comments from McCue at Disrupt:

McCue also said, “I think that the iPad is a superior consumption device for content on the web. It is actually the perfect device for content on the web. We’re trying to create a new type of browsing experience that is right for the iPad.”

On The Daily and other products that offer media content directly on the iPad, McCue is optimistic. “I think that there will be an opportunity to create new kinds of content companies on the iPad.”

He also said that it will take a very trusted brand to garner a place on a user’s iPad home screen. This means that there is an opportunity for readers like FlipBoard and Pulse.