Google to launch Google News Drone to rescue media industry

Gizmotastic reports on “Google’s master plan to supplement the possible drop of original news” with the “Google News Drone.”

These General Atomics Aeronautical Systems manufactured unmanned aircraft will be equipped with Nikon D3Xs and Sony HVR-Z7U 1080i HDV Camcorder to record the scene of the breaking news.

The Google News Drone will be dispatched by a new Google search algorithm made especially for the breaking news. The algorithm will be a blended mix of Google, Twitter and cellphone technologies. Whenever several people send out a Twitter message using the hashtag #NewsDrone, a GPS search will begin to find the location on Google Maps and route a Google News Drone in that direction. In Max Headroom fashion the News Drone will begin recording and broadcasting the news event. The existing newspaper will be able to use the Google News Drone generated news if they enter into an exclusive agreement with Google to run only Adsense advertising on their websites.