How 50,000 Sites Are Using Facebook’s Social Tools

More than 50,000 sites have installed its new social plug-ins, such as the “Like” and “Recommend” buttons. There are three main ways sites are using the new tools, ClickZ says.

  • Instant Personalization: Facebook’s select partners Pandora, Yelp, and Microsoft’s have been serving first-time and repeat visitors personalized experiences based on their profile data – if they arrive logged into the social site.
  • Social plug-ins + “Login with Facebook”: Some of the data that can be accessed via Instant Personalization is also available to non-partners using the plug-ins and “Login with Facebook.” This includes always public Facebook profile elements like name, profile photo, gender, and current city – along with other set-to-public information.  … Companies such as Levi’s are employing social plug-ins in conjunction with “Login with Facebook,” which is similar to the two-year-old Facebook Connect in terms of how it bridges the gap between sites and Facebook…. So when users visit while logged into Facebook and enter the jeans company’s “Friends Store,” they will see their Facebook friends’ upcoming birthdays – along with their names and profile pictures – unless those individuals have customized the birthday setting in their privacy controls.
  • Social plug-ins only: Most of the 50,000 sites fall into this category, Lucich said. Sites like – as well as bloggers and other small sites – have incorporated the plug-ins to increase traffic, but aren’t using “Login with Facebook,” she said. In short, visitors to those sites – who arrive while logged onto Facebook – can click “Like” buttons to express themselves. Their “Likes” appear on the third-party site and in their activity feeds at, while they also can view what friends are “Liking” or “Recommending.”