Make Every Ad Perform Like a Super Bowl Ad

If you are curious how social media analytics firms are helping brands, Networked Insights, a social media analytics and marketing start-up, has published a free report, tied to the Super Bowl, on how you can use  real-time social data to understand your audiences and deliver them relevant content. Using Super Bowl-related examples, the report offers ideas on how to reach NFL fans without a Super Bowl-sized ad budget, how you can  leverage social data to understand a TV show’s audience before it airs, and how you can improve your TV marketing with real-time audience intelligence.

For example, TV analysts from Networked Insights examined shows that NFL fans discuss across the social web to identify more economical alternatives for reaching the big game’s audience. Shows like “Fringe,” “The Office,” “Community,” “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” were among the most mentioned, and thus provide good and less expensive opportunities to reach a similar audience.

You can download the free report here:  Media Optimization Guide, Super Bowl XLVI Edition