New intelligent news aggregator is the Anti-Digg

Tinker is a new intelligent news aggregator that uses A.I.-like technology to determine your interests and then adapts to show you the news stories you will find most interesting, reports ReadWriteWeb.

By default, tiinker aggregates content from thousands of news sources and blogs and sorts them into the categories of arts & entertainment, business, health & lifestyle, opinion, politics, science, sports, technology, and world. The stories are selected for you completely automatically, no humans involved. This is the key difference between tiinker and the other social news aggregators out there. With tiinker, story selection is all about you and what you are into – you can’t even cross-reference your selections with others like you or your friends. This is a personalized news service, not a social network.

The news stories are chosen for you based on a complex mix of analysis of what they’re about, how much you’re interested in similar topics, how long ago they were published, where in the world they come from, and other factors. Tiinker will also sometimes present what they call “lucky dip” stories which are chosen to broaden the range of news you see, by exploring new topics outside of your common interests.