New York Times to make all content available on Flipboard, while Wired and The New Yorker pull back

The New York Times is going to make all of its content available for free via social reading app Flipboard, marking the first time the newspaper company has allowed subscribers to read the full content through a third-party application. Meanwhile, Wired and The New Yorker are removing their full articles and suspending their efforts to sell ads on the platform, AdAge reports.

Times subscribers will be able to view articles, videos, slide shows and blog posts inside Flipboard starting on Thursday, according to The Times. Nonsubscribers, meanwhile, will be able to read free samples of some articles. General Manager Denise Warren said The Times had conducted a survey with its subscribers and found that 20 percent said they read Web content through third-party apps like Flipboard.

“Nobody will deny that Flipboard is a beautiful product, but the question is, is it too beautiful?” an unnamed magazine executive told AdAge, in response to the decisions by Wired and The New Yorker. “What people want out of a magazine is exactly what they’re delivering. So if people feel like they’re getting that already, even if it’s not the same depth of content that would be in a print or monthly publication, then are they less likely to want to find it in the magazine itself?”