News organizations target mobile

News organizations are embracing content aimed at cell phones and
other mobile devices as part of their survival strategy in the digital
age, AJR reports.

Mobile sportscasters and infotainment companies may be in a stronger
position to capitalize on digital technologies. For example, in
January, ESPN reported it had more hits for NFL content on its mobile
Web site (4.9 million) than it did on its PC site (4.5 million),
according to RCR Wireless News. Those numbers suggest the mobile jock
market has legs, since sports fans will access their cell phones to get
scores and inside information even while they’re watching games on TV.
Two mobile TV partnerships – AT&T’s Mobile TV and Verizon’s V Cast,
both of which use Qualcomm’s MediaFlo TV-enabling technology for cell
phones – have been launched with the sports market in mind. Both mobile
TV services bill themselves as providing full coverage of sporting
events, along with some regular network programming in English and
Spanish. Content partners include CBS Mobile, NBC 2Go, Fox Mobile,
Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile TV, Viacom’s MTV and Nickelodeon, among