Newspaper lets readers pick front-page stories

Lots of sites let readers pick their favorite stories, but The Wisconsin State Journal is taking advantage of that online tool to help its print edition.

Readers vote online for their favorite story each day, and the day's top vote-getter will appear on the front page of the next day's newspaper, with a "reader's choice" label. What a great idea.

Critics may resist what they see as a popularity contest undermining traditional news judgment. But we aren't too worried that you'll be scribbling up our first draft of history with Paris Hilton's daily exploits. Our unscientific poll is just another way for you to tell us what you find to be the most important, interesting or vital information of the day.

We recognize the coming transformation in the way people get their news. It isn't only that the Internet is growing as a source for local news, particularly among younger adults. Rapidly advancing technology also lets readers personalize their news reports using a myriad of sources. And nowadays nobody needs to buy ink by the barrel to publish news and comment: You just start a blog. Letting our readers actively participate in setting the news agenda is one step into a new world built around interactivity and conversations more than traditional one-way delivery of news.

"The State Journal still has the broadest local reach of any local media, and it remains a great vehicle for delivering news," editor Ellen Foley said. "But we're enhancing our online news, too, to appeal to a new generation of readers."

Another newspaper that's been using Web traffic to influence it's print edition is the Las Ultimas Noticias (LUN) - The Latest News - Chile's most widely read newspaper. For the past three years, it has been making decisions on what stories to focus on and promote in the newspaper based on how much traffic its Web site gets. Read more about what it's been doing here.



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Huliq.com is the same, readers influence the top content.

Posted by Jane at March 5, 2007 8:01 PM

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