Nieman Reports: Politics and new media

The latest issue of Nieman Reports has more than 20 articles about politics and new media — all online.

Politics and the New Media
Politics and the New Media: An Introduction
By Melissa Ludtke
Don’t Fear Twitter
By John Dickerson
Only the Reader Sleeps
By Kate Phillips
Adding Radio and Video Web Casts to Political News in Print
By Pekka Mykkänen
It’s an Online World for Young People and Political News
By Jonathan Seitz
Young Reporters, New Tools, and Political Reporting
By Liz Nord
Reporting From Kansas for MTV’s Street Team
By Alex Parker
Shifting Influence: From Institution to Individual
By John Harris
Election Coverage Becomes a Time for ‘Instant Innovation’
By Jack Lail
Linking Newspaper Readers to the Best Political Coverage
By Scott Karp
For Campaign Coverage, Web Too Often an Afterthought
By Russ Walker
Campaign 2008: It’s on YouTube
By Albert L. May
YouTube: The Flattening of Politics
By Steve Grove
The ‘B’ Word in Traditional News and on the Web
By Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Jacqueline Dunn
Enclave Extremism and Journalism’s Brave New World
By Cass R. Sunstein
Political Blogs: Teaching Us Lessons About Community
By Dan Kennedy
Bloggers Push Past the Old Media’s Gatekeepers
By Tom Fiedler
New Media Battles Old to Define Internet-Era Politics
By John McQuaid
Covering the Web as a Force in Electoral Politics
By Micah L. Sifry
Trivial Pursuit: It Happens Too Often in Political Coverage
By Christopher Hayes
Fast-Paced Journalism’s Neglect of Nuance and Context
By Sam Stein
The Spanish-Language Press Delves Into Racial Complexities
By Elena Shore
Determining If a Politician Is Telling the Truth
By Bill Adair