Citizen journalism dominates online news in 2007

Here are the top stories of 2007. Not surprisingly, citizen journalism and user-generated content stories overwhelmingly dominate the top 10.

Top stories of 2007

  1. New York Times launches user-generated features

  2. 2007 Online Journalism Awards – Finalists

  3. Citizen Journalism: From Pamphlet to Blog

  4. CNN to launch user-generated video show on-air

  5. AP partners with citizen journalism site

  6. Guardian to become 24/7 Web-first newspaper

  7. Eyewitness video of Virginia Tech shootings

  8. Sneak peaks at design

  9. Sulzberger: ‘I don’t care’ if we’re printing Times in 5 years

  10. Washington Post issues blog guidelines

Here are the top stories of years past:

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  • Bob Young

    I’m uncertain if “citizen journalism” is merely an attempt to create yet another topic for media “pundits” or an unnervingly evil campaign by The National Enquirer to bestow upon itself some unearned credibility.

    It’s been some time since I sat in a desk at Journalism class, but I don’t recall seeing anyone there who wasn’t thinking of it as a career, a noble one at that, requiring real discipline, a well-rounded education, and a highly developed skill set.

    Lowes, Home Depot and other home improvement giants may have created “citizen plumbers” and “citizen tile floor installers,” but there is no such thing as a “citizen journalist,” any more than there are “citizen cardiologists.”

    Please, let’s stop confusing “I think I’ll write something witty and pithy in a blog” with real journalism. Small wonder our great newspapers are being displaced by clueless, agenda-driven, TV corporate bobble head dolls.