Original online coverage of Sept. 11

After the Sept. 11 attacks 10 years ago, CyberJournalist.net covered the online coverage and shared some of the best online journalism done at the time. Unfortunately due to the ephemeral nature of the web most of that coverage is long gone. With the anniversary nearing, we’ve combed through scores of the links from that era, and have gathered here the major online journalism packages done at the time that still survive online.

They reveal a fascinating glimpse at how online journalism has evolved in the past 10 years. At the time, this was considered some of the best online journalism ever done, and many of these examples won major awards. While the interactivity, multimedia and design elements look rudimentary by today’s standards, the journalism itself remains remarkable to this day.

Here is some of the original coverage of the Sept. 11 attacks from 10 years ago:

Collections of complete coverage of the attacks

Interesting examples of online storytelling


Screenshots of online coverage

Here are the home pages of CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times — note that they had to strip the homepages bare in order to handle the record traffic load — something that presumably wouldn’t happen today.

More screenshots of coverage

Newspaper front pages

Television News coverage
  • For those interesting in television coverage, the Internet Archive has put together an amazing archive of TV coverage of the attacks. More than 20 channels were recorded with more than 3,000 hours of television. Besides major U.S. networks like ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC, the Internet Archive has posted online TV recordings from Moscow, Paris, London, Baghdad, Tokyo, Ottawa and elsewhere. The site is available at http://www.archive.org/details/911/day


Even more online coverage

Archive-It and the National September 11 Memorial Museum has collected thousands of more links related to the attacks here. If you find anything particularly noteworthy among these links, please post about it in the comments and include the link.