Outcry after New Orleans’ daily paper cuts back

“The Times-Picayune moves to a three-day-a-week publishing schedule, causing New Orleans to be the largest U.S. city without a daily paper. Morley Safer reports for CBS’ 60 Minutes.”

As sad as it is to witness local newspapers die or slowly disappear, technology and the economic facts are inescapable. The lumbering and expensive process of rolls of newsprint being fed into gigantic presses that spew out tons of newspapers which must be loaded on to trucks that drive into the night to ultimately deliver the paper to doorsteps, diners and newsstands. It seems almost quaint when you consider that the same news, only fresher, can be dispatched at the speed of light to millions at a fraction of the cost and yet The Times-Picayune still showed a profit….

Jim Amoss [the paper's Editor]: There is no law of nature that says that kind of journalism is inextricably linked to ink on paper. We fully intend to continue to produce the kind of public trust journalism for which they know us.