Scientific American launches 60 Second Science

Scientific American has launched a separate, stand-alone Web site, 60 Second Science. Based on SciAm’s daily podcast of the same name and updated 12x a day, 60 Second Science features audio/video podcasts, community commentary, links to key SciAm articles, social networking apps and widgets.

“This new site is an example of SciAm parlaying the success of its podcasts in a stand-alone site with an online, community-driven platform targeted to a young, tech-savvy audience,” says spokesman Scott Rosenblum. “For advertisers, the site presents an opportunity to reach an engaged audience of the science and technology literati – science and tech bloggers, their readers and influencers in social bookmarking communities.”

  • Ted Goas

    Seems like a good idea to package scientific information into 60 second blocks. Hopefully people will pay attention to consolidated information they would otherwise find mundane.

    Hopefully they can improve upon their website design; it looks like a green and white classified ad.