Smoking Gun: Still hot after 11 years

PBS MediaShift looks at The Smoking Gun, which recently found that an L.A. Times story about the shooting of Tupac Shakur relied on forged documents, leading the paper to retract its story.

“I realize it’s still the infancy of the Net, but it amazes me how few places are doing this sort of stuff,
at least that aren’t tethered to huge news organizations,” says William Bastone, co-founder and editor of
The Smoking Gun. “There are a lot of people commenting on stuff and riffing on things and blogging, but actually reporters breaking stories on the Net — there are a lot fewer than I would expect…Even though we’re no longer running the site out of my living room and sold it, we’re still a three-person outfit. We’re the
smallest division within the Time Warner monstrosity. We’re still three guys in a room who generate every
story we do…We still maintain a shadow of our indie cred.”