Social media’s role in Iran’s election

Mashable has written an excellent timeline of events surrounding the Iranian election showing social media’s role using posts from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

Mashable says:

Social media has been playing three very important roles in the Iran situation:

1. It has helped Iranians communicate with each other.
2. It has helped Iranians communicate with the outside world.
3. It has helped the rest of the world communicate with both Iranians and others who sympathize with the protesters.

YouTube and Flickr have brought multimedia out of the distressed country. Twitter and Facebook updates have spread videos virally. Blogs, Wikipedia, and citizen journalism have helped disseminate and filter this information. Most of all though, these tools have helped people take action.

While we can only imagine what it is like to be on the streets or to lose a loved one during this #IranElection crisis, social media has opened a direct line of accessible information to us. It may very well prove to be a key factor in the fate of Iran itself.