Tablet habits influence new BBC website design

The BBC is in the process of redesigning its flagship website to take into account readers changing habits — in particular, an increasing preference to swipe for content as a result of the rise of  touch-screen smartphones and tablets. Content publishers are increasingly looking at the tablet space for web design inspiration — which is a good thing, since the designs of so many content sites are generally uninspired these days. So watch for this trend to continue.

The BBC has launched a beta site of the new design at

The BBC says these new principles will soon be reflected across other BBC Online products in the future, paving the way for a “graphically-rich” offering for the London 2012 Olympics, when all eyes will be on British online publications and especially the BBC’s.

More details from the Beeb:

The BBC Homepage beta will be released in stages, and include a raft of functional improvements for audiences:

  • Visual-first design with carousel featuring colour coding to denote categories and icons to depict content type
  • Simple filters enabling users to simply tailor the page based on interests
  • Sliding drawers to reveal more or less detail across showcases of most popular content across BBC Online at any time and real-time listings for BBC TV and Radio
  • At-a-glance aspects – news and sport headlines, weather forecasts with lottery and travel news updates to follow, plus traditional index-based navigation for quick look-up
  • In time, nations’ homepages united into a single product to provide relevant local and national information based on a user’s choice of location – a key DQF commitment