Original online coverage of Sept. 11

After the Sept. 11 attacks 10 years ago, CyberJournalist.net covered the online coverage and shared some of the best online journalism done at the time. Unfortunately due to the ephemeral nature of the web most of that coverage is long gone. With the anniversary nearing, we’ve combed through scores of the links from that era, and have […]

Sensors, Smart Content, and the Future of News – ReadWriteWeb

Nick Bilton from The New York Times R&D Labs discussed how NYT is preparing for the future of news delivery at ETech.

When Bad News Follows You

New York Times editors say they recognize that “because the Internet has opened to the world material once available only from microfilm or musty clippings in the newspaper’s library, they have a new obligation to minimize harm.” Public Editor Clark Hoyt writes: But what can they do? The choices all seem fraught with pitfalls. You […]