The 4 keys to success in online video

In a panel at SXSW titled “The Secret Path to Success in Online Video,” panelists said the four main keys are targeting niches, being consistent, marketing your content and building your brand. Not exactly top secret secrets, but good advice nonetheless.

Jonah Peretti’s secrets to making content go viral

Few people know as much about making content go viral on the web as Jonah Peretti, Huffington Post cofounder and BuzzFeed founder. He’s turned doing so into a science, and at Business Insider’s Ignition conference this week Peretti shared his best tips and tricks for making content go viral. Here are the slides from his presentation.

The Future of Media: Apple TV, Pandora in cars, engaging tablets

What does the future of media hold? A new Apple TV, Pandora streaming in cars, increased reader engagement thanks to tablets, according to the speakers at the first day of Business Insiders’ Ignition: Future of Media conference.

Pandora coming to your car

Pandora is working with car manufacturers to make Pandora seamlessly integrated into cars, CEO Joe Kennedy said today at Business Insider’s Ignition conference. Here is a view preview of how it is integrated into Chevrolet’s upcoming Mylink system – a new touchscreen, voice recognition system that allows users to access their Pandora and XM radio stations, connect […]

Discount to Business Insider’s Future Of Media conference

Business Insider’s IGNITION: Future Of Media conference this week in New York City has a great lineup of speakers, from Glenn Beck to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. If you’re interested in going, you can enter the code IGNITION30 to get a 30% discount. Here are all the details and speakers at the conference, as well as information on how to […]

Social TV Summit: Watch Live

The future of social TV is being discussed among executives from networks, major social media companies and start-ups at the Social Media Summit in New York. You can watch the live stream of the summit here all day today. POST-SUMMIT UPDATE: You can watch the archived live stream at the same link   

Highlights from the 2011 Online News Association conference

If there was a theme at this year’s Online News Association conference it was that we are no longer talking about the future of journalism because the future of journalism is here. Some of the more specific themes and catchphrases that seemed to resonate and get repeated throughout included “brands are dead,” “SMO is the […]

What @MayorEmanuel teaches us about real-time information flow

Information can at times move so quickly these days that it can be almost impossible to control the narrative that it creates — even one of your own creation. Dan Sinker, who created the @MayorEmanuel parody Twitter feed when Rahm Emanuel began running for mayor of Chicago, gave a fascinating look at how information flows across […]

Applying the Slow Food movement to news

In his recent talk to the Personal Democracy Forum, author Dan Gillmor argues for applying the Slow Food movement to news. By that he means, take a breadth. “The sooner something is on Twitter after a major event, the more skeptical… or at least the more you should reserve judgement about it…. The things that […]

Facebook tips for journalists, from Facebook

Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook’s new journalism program coordinator, has starting talking to journalists publicly about how they can better use Facebook. At Columbia’s recent Social Media Weekend, he gave a presentation in which he offered some interesting facts and tips. The presentation is included below. Here are some of the highlights.