Meet Facebook’s new app partners

Facebook has announced 60 new partners who have created apps in new categories, ranging from travel to entertainment. Users can add the apps to their timeline and share their activities with the friends on Facebook. This is the next step from the apps released a few months ago, such as Spotify and Washington Post Social […]

Eyetracking study reveals how people look at your Facebook profile

Mashable worked with EyeTrackShop, a startup that runs eye-tracking studies for advertisers, to study what people look at on the profile pages of popular social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn. The results are some fascinating heat map images and some interesting tips on what are the most important part of people’s profile pages.

Major media sites dominate Facebook’s 2011 most-shared list

November hasn’t even ended yet and the time for 2011 list season has begun! Today Facebook published a list of the 40 most shared articles on Facebook in 2011. Perhaps what’s most interesting about this list is not the headlines themselves but the fact that all of the stories are from major media brands — […]

Yahoo News’ Facebook integration a success

Yahoo News’ integration with Facebook — which automatically shares users’ Yahoo News activity in their Facebook feed once they’ve opted in — is a big success, according to Robert Scoble. “Their internal numbers prove people are using frictionless sharing on Facebook in HUGE numbers (and they are not seeing the angst amongst their users that […]

Facebook Comments four times as valuable as Likes

Facebook Comments are four times as valuable as Likes, according to a recent study by EdgeRankChecker.

Google developing Flipboard competitor app for tablets

Google is reportedly developing a reading app for tablet devices that will compete with popular apps such as Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, AOL’s Editions and Yahoo’s Livestand. The app is reportedly called “Propellor” and being developed for both Android and the iPad.

The Three Elements of Social Design

Now that that social media has become an unavoidable part of digital life, product designs need to adjust the way they approach their jobs. Facebook has put together a few tips about how to think about social design, which it describes as “a way of thinking about product design that puts social experiences at the […]

Best practices for engaging users on Facebook

Facebook just released findings from a new study looking at how people were engaging with Journalist Pages on Facebook, which includes some good guidance on what types of posts receive the most feedback and when are the best times to post to get the highest levels of engagement.

What if real life were like Facebook and Twitter?

Imagine what it would be like if people asked to be your “Friend” on the street, asked you if they could “Poke” you, and followed you around? English National Opera has produced a hysterical look at what the world would be like if your social media activities occurred in real life. Check it out….

Facebook developing new real-time feature

Facebook is testing a new Twitter-like real-time feature called “Happening Now” on certain users news feeds, according to The Next Web. The feature displays at-a-glance a list of what their friends are sharing, who they are adding as friends and displaying check-in notifications.