Newspaper copies Huffington Post

The Washington City Paper changed its website today to look like the Huffington Post.

Secret government plan to tax Twitter

Mubrella reports that Australia is planning to implement a Tweet Tax on Twitter messages. “Mumbrella understands that the government is planning to tax Twitter users by the number of messages they send, at a rate of 1c per tweet. This will then be multiplied by the number of followers they have.”

Round-up of April Fool’s jokes

TechCrunch has the most complete round-up of April Fool’s jokes online, including: Gmail autopilot writes emails for you, upside-down viewing on YouTube, and Twitter limits tweets to one a day

Google to launch Google News Drone to rescue media industry

Gizmotastic reports on “Google’s master plan to supplement the possible drop of original news” with the “Google News Drone.”

Guardian newspaper to publish only via Twitter

The Guardian newspaper announced today that it will ceasing printing its newspaper and publish only via Twitter, the social media site that limits messages to 140 characters. “Experts say any story can be told in 140 characters,” the paper says.