Panoramic photos of Joplin before and after tornado

What a great use of a simple web tool to illustrate a story in a new and interesting way: The New York Times uses panoramic images from Google Maps Street View to show two locations in Joplin, Mo. before and after the devastation.  Pan around either image to see how the scenes compares before and after. Check […]

Interactive maps of Haiti quake damage

Here are some of the more interesting interactive maps created in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti by news sites.

Track swine flu news with Twitter, Google Maps

Here are some ways to monitor the latest news online about swine flu using Twitter and Google Maps

Los Angeles Times Data Desk

The Los Angeles Times Data Desk includes maps, databases and other resources that help you dig deeper. Right now it has 38 projects and more than 730,000 records. See a list of all projects.

Great news maps

Poynter Online Amy Gahran points out a number of excellent news maps in this post.

Behind the scenes: Interactive town meeting map

New Hampshire Public Radio has launched a smart experiment that gives the town meeting tradition a digital twist, creating an interactive Town Meeting Map for this week’s ballot initiatives. The map includes information that individual towns submitted and related discussions, and so far about 100 of the state’s 200 towns are participating. Jon Greenberg, Executive […]