Google & AP launched journalism & technology scholarship

The Associated Press and Google are launching a great new national scholarship program for digital journalism students. And The Online News Association, the world’s largest membership organization of digital journalists, is going to administer the program.

News organizations on Google+

While Google+ does not have support for brands yet, news organizations have already smartly jumped into the fray, testing out what works and what doesn’t, while earning early followers.

Hanging Out with Sergey Brin on Google+

The smartest, most compelling feature on Google+ might be the video chat “Hangouts.” I popped in my first one yesterday and Google co-founder Sergey Brin was one of the other 9 folks in the room. He was asking about what folks thought of the service so far and wanted to try it out for himself. […]

Google News now has “expandable stories”

Google News recently introduced ”expandable stories.” Each story box is collapsed down to one headline, except for the top story. When a headline grabs your attention, click to expand and view related videos and photos as well as related articles marked according to genre, like “Opinion” or “In Depth.”

Can Google, Social Media pick the Oscar winners?

Lots of sites and articles are popping up attempting to use Google searches or social media trends to predict the Oscar winners. But if the past is any guide, they will be no more right than your best guess or the flip of a coin.

Facebook gaining on YouTube in web video

Facebook is growing faster than Google’s YouTube as a place to watch videos, Bloomberg reports.

Why Google Buzz matters

Lots of chatter online about Google launching its new Buzz product and what it might mean for Facebook and Twitter. Mashable says Buzz needs Facebook integration to succeed. ReadWriteWeb points out that Google already has the user base and a strong integration with Google Maps, and suggests it could be the mainstream’s “geo-social network.”

Parody Google ad: Is Tiger feeling lucky?

As Tiger Woods recovers from a car accident and contends with reports of philandering, Slate V imagines what the golfing great might be typing into that familiar white search bar.

Using Google Wave to engage a news audience

“Many people are still trying to figure out what to do with Google Wave technology. Not the folks at the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye. Every weekday at 10:30am CST, the RedEye blog dedicates 30 minutes to a live public Wave on trendy news topics.” – Hilary Fosdal, who is the Interactive Content Manager for Barrington Broadcasting […]

Google CEO on the future of newspapers

Eric Schmidt, chairman and chief executive of Google, discussed the future of newspapers, developing online advertising and antitrust issues with The Financial Times.