Adagio Teas iPad Thermometer

Check out this cool new product from Adagio in time for the iPad release, the Adagio Teas iPad Thermometer: “Dive deep into your next cup of tea with the Adagio Teas iPad thermometer! The snappy processor & high resolution display will ensure that you never brew a bad cup again.”

Advertisers show great interest in news iPad apps

Media companies are having great luck selling their iPad applications to advertisers prelaunch, The New York Times reports.

How Smartphones, E-Readers And Tablets Are Changing The Game

Here is video from the paidContent 2010 panel on “How Smartphones, E-Readers And Tablets Are Changing The Game.” The panel includes Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem, ESPN Digital Media GM John Kosner, Simon & Schuster Chief Digital Officer Elinor Hirschhorn, and VP and Publisher Jonathan Dube.

Will the iPad save the news business?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on whether the iPad will transform the news business or do nothing of the sort. Here’s a roundup of some of the thinking.

Why the iPad could be bad for publishers

IAB’s Randall Rothenberg argues that the iPad could be bad for publishers because the proliferation of device-based walled gardens risks fragmenting audiences and “a company’s opportunity to create, sell and use advertising effectively and profitably will depend on its ability to deliver it seamlessly across multiple devices.”